Resin art, paintings, and home accessories for cozy and stylish homes and office spaces. Unique gifts that will stay in one’s memory and remind about you.


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Hello, my dear visitors,

I am Rita, born in Lithuania, in Biržai, a small town blessed with a spectacular landscape.

Since childhood, my love for nature and its beautiful landscapes has become a passion for translating it into art. Thus, the Ritelart Art Studio and this shop were born.

In the Ritelart art studio you will find:

  • Paintings include oil, acrylic, resin paintings, modern paintings, or even 3D paintings based on epoxy resin paintings.
  • Resin art and resin products. I’m fascinated by the clarity and beauty of epoxy resin and its compatibility with various stones and crystals, so here you will find a wide range of resin art and products: handmade resin jewelry, home interior accessories (wall clocks, resin trays, Resin coasters, and other home decor accessories), epoxy coffee tables, and tiny handmade home interior accessories as a special, unique gift.

In the Ritelart, I invite you to discover coziness for your home, office, restaurant, or hotel environment. Handmade home interior accessories will always be an impressive gift, perfect for those closest to you and those you want to impress in a business environment.

With love and respect,

Artist Rita Gaižiūnaitė-Kapoutsi, founder of Ritelart


Unique gifts

What is epoxy resin art?

Epoxy resin is a low- to high-viscosity, transparent compound with various applications in various industries, including furniture, jewelry, handicrafts, and other domestic products. The epoxy resin consists of two parts – a resin and a hardener – and when the resin is mixed with the hardener, a chemical reaction takes place which releases heat and, after a specific time, the mixture hardens into a solid form with high resistance to chemical and mechanical stress. Epoxy handmade home accessories are unique because they are highly transparent, UV-resistant, and easy to clean. Each handmade product is unique and distinctive and adds charm to your home. Resin products – art for your home. The different colors and shapes will give your home a luxurious and meditative feel.

Paintings are the art type every home needs to make the house’s walls speak and give them character. Even one detail on the wall can make a difference and give a room a new charm. It has no functional purpose but immediately makes the house feel cozy, filling it with artistic warmth. Acrylic paintings with structural pastes and acrylics can be a striking interior detail. Epoxy resin paintings complete the interior. These are works of art that reflect the taste and artistic appreciation of the householder. Epoxy resin paintings are often abstract, inspiring, motivating, and give your mind a rest. The special attention and love that goes into handmade products is reflected in their quality and the result.

Resin jewelry

Resin jewelry is a sophisticated work of art that adapts to the female body. Resin rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants are perfect for all occasions. The saying of J.W. Goethe in Faust, “Pause for a moment, charming,” is an ideal description of epoxy works of art. Epoxy handmade jewelry – a moment frozen in time. Such products are trendy because each piece of jewelry combines magic, romance, and a creative design idea. Like the frozen drops of clear spring water with excellent compositions inside, earrings and rings emphasize softness, femininity, and extraordinary taste in accessories.

Home accessories

The atmosphere in the home influences our emotions and moods. We spend a lot of time in this atmosphere, so it’s essential to consider the small but impactful accessories in the home. If your home doesn’t inspire and radiate positive emotions, it’s time to change that, starting with something seemingly simple. The resin coasters are a pleasure to enjoy, and the eye catches them every time. The epoxy resin table will become the main accent of your home and will never stop being admired, and the different, unique designs make you feel special. One-off handmade resin home accessories are created to enjoy your time at home and create warmth and coziness. Epoxy helps to reveal lifestyles through stylish, distinctive interior details.

Unique gifts

Paintings and epoxy resin home accessories are the perfect present for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Such a gift will always be unique and special. Paintings, epoxy coffee tables or home interior accessories will always add a touch of exquisite taste to your gift selection and charm to your interior.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for women, one-off handmade jewelry or home accessories are the perfect choice. Whether it’s a gift for a home or an office, paintings are a gift idea that will look great on a white wall in your home or office. A painting signifies respect and friendship that will remind you of yourself and make the space feel cozy.

Are you looking for a small souvenir? Resin bookmarks, keychains, and other small handmade resin crafts will not only impress with their pleasant attention but also with the uniqueness of the gift.


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Most goods are delivered worldwide.

Unique home accessories

Epoxy resin home accessories – one-off, authentic products.

Certificate awarded

Paintings are issued with a certificate of authenticity.

Artist international awards

Some of Ritelart’s paintings are internationally acclaimed and appreciated works of art.

Resin art and home accessories for a cozy and stylish home

Individual orders accepted

Do you have a vision for an individual home interior accessory, piece of furniture, or painting? Let’s get in touch, and I’ll make your bespoke wish come true. Ritelart Studio is where your interior wishes become a reality.


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